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Body Shaming – Social Outlook

I was this very thin person for my height as a kid and as a teenager. I was so worried about this back then because people used to ask me if I am were terminally ill or not eating anything. No, I was stronger than most of them. Even after I went to high school and then college people made fun out of me because I didn’t fulfill the beauty standards that is already set by the society. In a due course of time, I gained weight, I felt good and confident. It was due to PCOD that I gained weight. So it didn’t stop. I reached a threshold where people started calling me chubby, fatty and aunty, post marriage.

The issue comes from all these movies that portrayed only the most beautiful women as protagonists who actually have unattainable beauty standards for an average working woman. Gone are days when people compared themselves with movie stars. This is the generation of Instagram, So generally people started comparing themselves with all those influencers and models. A few people actually wear a lot of makeup and add filters from various applications to get than picture perfect selfie. So an average woman starts feeling insecure. The others around her start calling her fatty, gluttonous and everything offensive.

And the worst thing you can do is internet shaming someone based on the person’s looks. You go anonymous and you are allowed to do anything you wanna do. You are big cowards if you are gonna do that.

     Each and everyone is unique in their own ways. You don’t like someone, you keep quiet!! why do you have to post hatred comments on their pictures or something?? why do you have to publicly insult and body shame the person?? What do you get out of it?? peace??? or a strange kind of satisfaction that you have made someone feel bad???  it affects the overall outlook a person has over himself or herself. It can take a very bad toll over someone’s self confidence. 

And there are other set of people who come up with various ideas, like trying some diet, joining a particular gym and someone even told me that wearing a saree would reduce my tummy. And post marriage, your in laws start commenting on the way you look. Oh come on!! your son isn’t Brad Pitt as well!!! Even if he goes bald and gets a pot belly, no one really cares. Beauty is largely associated with women and women only.

As far as someone is happy with themselves and physically fit to an extend it doesn’t matter if you are fat or fit. No one needs to hear offensive comments about the way someone looks.


And the least you can do is to support them when they are trying to lose weight. Not by discouraging their journey. Each body responds differently to different methods of weight loss. So please stop putting someone off and no one is ready for free advice. 


Written by,

Divya Shankar
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