My Mom…

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

Sarcasm Much???!!! *smirks*

This mother’s day let’s all take some time to thank this SUPERWOMAN.

My mom is a teacher and she has a physics major. This surprises me the most as I hated to study physics in school. In  general, this job as a mother is the hardest and the most expensive jobs ever. It means you need to wear different hats as a mom. Yeah!! my MOM acts as my mentor, teacher, art teacher, personal chef, hair stylist, Stylist, big sister (yes, we share clothes), gossip partner and what not.

The most astonishing thing about my mom is that she takes care of everyone in her family, where she forgets herself. For instance, she always made sure I got new clothes and a cake for my birthdays, but she never remembered her own birthdays. Now that I am a big girl, I make sure I buy a cake for her.

Whatever you may call it, a mothers touch can never be replaced.

I never valued anything she did for us, until she had a surgery into her eye as the retina got displaced. I had to travel so much to work, come back home and do the household chores. That is when I realized that it was always hard for her to manage her work and home. She did it all like a pro. Even the insignificant details matter in a house to make it a home.


Now that is me after doing household chores after two days

I am kind of a very demanding person when it comes to food. I used to be very skeptical about even a small change in the taste of food. I have mercilessly yelled at my mom for that reason. Yeah I was wrong and I still regret.. KARMA. After I went to hostel, I was craving for my home food. ( Literally the story of every kid who moves out for the first time) I grew up mentally. I accepted the flaws. I was actually proud of her for managing work and home efficiently.

Not a single day is a holiday to her, even when she broke her leg, only because she couldn’t rest as she was so used to running around tirelessly.

She is the person who brought me to this world, made me live, made me talk, made me study, make me sketch, made me dance, made me read, made me create,made me manage my finances, made me write and everything I am today.


That is one important lesson my mom taught me 

To all the moms out there, you may be the single mom, surrogate mom, super mom, fashionista mom, career mom, perfectionist mom, messy mom, master-chef mom and every mom possible, you are the best and no one can ever make it up to everything you ever did.

Wish you all a happy mother’s day..!!!


Written by Divya Shankar