The notion of a ‘perfect body’..

“A woman is helpless, only when her nail- polish is drying.”

– M C Mary Kom


The figure of a woman.. Why is the world obsessed by it?? No one really cares about how a man looks. In this misogynistic society, whenever I get approached for marriage, all they really see is how I look or if I would be putting on weight after the wedding. But then, when I look at the physical appearance of the man, I am tagged as opinionated.


Which one are you???? 


The body of the woman depends on various factors such as medical issues, which may include, thyroid, PCOD,  post- par tum and most importantly the self-less love towards  her  family  where  she  forgets  to  take care of  herself.

In an  old  Tamil  movie ‘ Sathileelavathy’, the woman gains so much of weight after giving birth to two kids and taking care of her endless family needs. And her husband is shown to have  an extra marital affair with a thinner, younger and an attractive woman. When there are perfectly skinny models are shown on screen, we tend to believe that it is normal to look like one. If my mom has to look like them, she doesn’t have the luxury for all the time and effort spent , she definitely can’t take care of her family even though my dad helps her in every possible way. And think of women who have to do everything on their own, and alas!!! they never find time for themselves, they don’t get weekends nor do they retire.

When the skinny models are considered to be beautiful or perfect, the chubby women like Namita or Sona are considered to be sex symbols. Why? Who set all these??

Is 36-24-36 really the perfect woman?? Why not a curvier or a plus size woman??? It all depends upon how you carry yourself or your attitude towards life or towards your fellow beings. 

Look beyond her looks… perhaps her thoughts, actions, intelligence, determination, endurance, perseverance and what not…

Beauty is largely subjective. It may be anything in a woman.

When M S Subbulakshmi’s eyes are closed and immersed in her music or when my mom is sweating after preparing the best food for her family or when a woman carries a baby in her uterus or P V Sindhu swiftly hitting on the court or  it could even be how every girl used to come back home from school, hair undone, dumped in mud or dirt – These instances are much more than how their bodies are or the color of their skin.

Let’s embrace ourselves, and accept every woman to be beautiful. It might be hard to love yourself in the beginning, look beyond how far you have come across, YOU ARE THE BEST, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!


Written by

Divya Shankar

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