My PCOD story- my best friend

“I am so classy that even my ovaries have pearls in them”

                                                                   -sincerely the girls who are suffering from PCOD

What is PCOD??

Patients suffering from poly cystic ovarian disease (PCOD) have multiple small cysts in their ovaries (the word poly means many). These cysts occur when the regular changes of a normal menstrual cycle are disrupted. The ovary is enlarged; and produces excessive amounts of androgen and estrogen hormones. This excess, along with the absence of ovulation, may cause infertility. Other names for PCOD are Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or the Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

How did it all start??

No one actually knows what causes PCOD. But in my case, I would say the change in my lifestyle. I happily ignored the problem for three years like the other girls in my class. Later, I found out that the main cause was my hostel life for three years which led to an unhealthy lifestyle which included bad food habits, lack of any kind of physical activity, irregular sleeping patterns, stress etc. These were some of the known factors and it need not be affecting everyone who go through this. Whenever I maintain a better lifestyle during my break, the condition gets better, but the moment I get back to my old ways, I get affected. The moment I found that my conditions are escalating, I approached a gynecologist.


My bad food habits… yeah look at that grin on my face..!!!

How do you know you are affected by the condition??

The symptoms varies from person to person. I had the following symptoms:

  • I was a person who was known for my fiery metabolism, where no matter what I eat, I never gained weight. After I started gaining weight, I actually felt happy. Later, I was diagnosed for PCOD. The weight gain is one of the prominent symptoms.
  • The Weight gain was very evidently seen in my lower part of my body, i.e. my tummy. It was oh so disproportionate.
  • Facial hair increased as well.
  • The pimples on your cheeks are a sure shot sign to watch out for. I got pimples on my right cheek on my face, so that means I have cysts on my right side ovary. ( I never had pimples in my teenage years)
  • The next strange symptom was my blood sugar levels and I had high insulin content in my body. I had to include more sugar to keep me going. High insulin level also causes pot belly.
  • If your hair-fall pattern is very evident, do consult a doctor. The androgen secreted in a female body goes higher when there is PCOD, which results in hair-fall.
  • Irregular sleeping patterns- You may be sleeping too much or too little.
  • Severe cramps in your abdomen during your periods.

How did I get over??

I had a great skin back then, once I screwed up my body, I lost all of it; the skin, the hair and my confidence altogether. So after taking the pills suggested by the gynecologist, I feared that it would cause side effects. I did a lot of research and put forth a lot of questions to my granny about what she used to do in her teenage which apparently gave answers to all my questions. Yeah here it goes, How did I actually cure it???

  • Do not take stress– when you are stressed out please meditate and try to keep a cool-head. Please develop a hobby, may it be reading or painting or anything you love.
  • Spend sometime for yourself– Self care is important, and take short trips where there is less pollution.


  • Exercise– At least run for thirty minutes a day. You may try other forms of fitness like zumba, aerobics, etc. As the amount of work we do these days is not enough for our body to sustain.


Run for at least 30 minutes… yeah it has a lot of benefits

  • Diet– Okay! this is a very common thing suggested for almost all the issues. Stick to your local diet especially what your mom cooks than all the processed foods. Your body would thank you later. Include fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium, iron and sunlight. As always, take more water and stay hydrated.


Make a schedule and stick to it

  • Reward yourself for every little thing you follow. This would definitely keep you motivated.

Did I actually get cured???

The answer is HELL YEAH!!!!! I improved. My body looked toned. Hair condition got better without the use of many products. My skin texture also improved and my scars faded away ( It is been two years, since I stopped using makeup), Yeah It felt good. Consistency is the key and it would take minimum of 3 months to make little difference. It means it is actually a healthier lifestyle altogether than a goal that is to be achieved.


Reward yourself…. yeah princess!! wear that crown!!

So keep going girls!!!!

These are some of the things I followed,  I would include more on my next post. Till then keep sparkling my beautiful people.


Written by Divya Shankar




2017 to 2018. – One year can change you in every way possible…

In the end, We all become stories. 


I completed Architecture in 2016 and was into writing all those super annoying exams to  get into  government  jobs as my parents insisted.  This is  mostly  the  dream of almost all  the Indian parents.

So apparently, except for accomplishing my journey, I didn’t really have anything  big in 2016. So then 2017 happened. The year of roller  coaster  ride.  Yeah.  Lot of  turmoil  and I was almost lost , but, here I am,  emerging  stronger  than ever.

Each and everyday, you have got something to learn about. Every day  is fresh  and  certainly it is going to be an experience. So here I write down everything I faced in 2017 and  how I am going to get  over it and make my  2018 better. So January is over. What did I  actually  do??  There it goes…

2017, I got my first job as a trainee architect, it was fun for two weeks but then I hated  my manager who used to make fun out of me for being  hyperactive.  I never  told  anything to my parents, I handled it on my own  and survived  for two months.


I landed on a new job as a lecturer. I love my job even though there were pitfalls.

Tiring  journey from home to workplace was the biggest issue. It was not easy.  Handling students and taking a new kind of  responsibility was something  I have  never  done and I am still learning.

Then, reality stuck me hard about relationships, marriages and how unexpectedly  cruel  this society is. I realized that I am no longer the little girl I used  to be and I am  old  enough to get married and make  babies.  I actually  got to know the  amount  of  sacrifices my  mom and dad  have done  for me  as  parents  nevertheless they seemed  like  enemies to me. They stood with me always no matter what.

Since my late teenage years, except one or two, most of the  people I met were just  temporary. I always wanted someone of my age. I can put it this way – a soulmate,  best friend, and everything. I must rely upon her no matter what. I found this person  in my old office and she became my best friend. I felt like home with her. No prejudices  or jealousy.  She gets genuinely happy with all my achievements. I always celebrated my  important moments with her. Her mom became mine as well. Be it my happiness, or tantrums or rants, the mom and daughter duo handled it all like pros.


I shall date myself no matter what….


So there it is, 2018, What I said to myself. I am gonna list it out.

  • No one knows you better than yourself, be truthful to yourself. 
  • You can’t please everyone, so live for yourself
  • Find what excites you. I found my love for doodling, creating comic strips and  writing
  • Read more books. This would make everyone open for suggestions and you  will know the world. 
  • Self care- putting you first is fine. Just fine. Go ahead!!!! Take time for the  same. 
  • Develop a hobby –  I revamped this blog after five years.  It may sound silly,  but it does matter to me. 
  • Healthier lifestyle- trying to stick on to it as much as possible. 
  • No more temporary people and no more emotional attachments with them.
  • Compliment people selflessly. 
  • Dress up better- yeah confidence beams out.
  • Visit unexplored places in the city.
  • Spend the weekends with family and not be a workaholic.
  • Spend money cautiously, keep a check on your expenditures. 
  • Reveal selectively- not everyone deserves to know everything about you.
  • Commit to everything you do.
  • Never underestimate yourself and never settle for less just because you did  not get what you always wanted. 


I hope to follow all these in this year and I have a long way to go. Hoping to make better memories !!!!!

Written by- Divya Shankar